“By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another”…John 13:35


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It was a long term prayer for us who are involved in Bible Translation to work for the community Development of our Target Group people. It happened as a blessing when we were conducting a seminar-cum-work shop on Irula community Development . After I  apprised by the pastors and Evangelists of the manifold problems faced by the Irulas I went to the field with a heavy heart to do some service to the people.

I visited the villages called Kopanari and Vathalaki which are in the forest areas. I was visited by the men of the villages who came and talked with me about their poverty and their deplorable life because they don’t have any income. Forest yields are taken by Government Agencies. Moreover they have to walk 30 kilometers every day in the forest for getting any simple job in the town.

So, as a first step to take away the darkness of poverty, we initiated candle making cottage industries. First we gave training to 10 families in our premises in candle making.  They were very happy that they could do it in their houses. Then we selected five families and gave them candle dyes and waxes as initial capital.

They made it perfectly and started earning for the first time independently. Now these five families are good at making candles and getting remuneration of Rs 200/- per week. But to earn more they need to invest in raw materials.

Those poor families are unable to do that. We are praying to God they could be helped with a revolving funds as micro credit. Among those five families three of them are attending our cottage prayers every week.



 “So that  your giving may be in secret, then your Father, who sees What is done in Secret, will reward You”  – Math: 6:4.

The two Balavadis (Day care Centers)

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which are run by BIT-LIT Ministries in the villages Alangandi and Pudur are functioning very well. In Alangandi all the ten children are happy and healthy and grown in height and weight. The mothers who are unable to go for work even for their daily bread are very happy now.  There is a great opening for Gospel among the village leader’s family

In Pudur, the cook and the teacher are sincere and serving the food in very healthy way. There are some small children in the Balvadi who are not able to take food. So their parents come to the Balvadi centre in the midst of their daily work at the lunch time to feed the children.

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A group of people the nearby villages named Senguttai and Kallakarai visited me recently. They have pleaded with me to open an IN.touch Balavadi in their Irula villages. They are very poor and requesting us to show mercy for their children. Kindly think about these two villages in your prayers.

Please pray for those 20 families and staff members


  1. We have three sewing training centers in three villages.
  2. Cottage Industry Training is conducted for the village women in 10 villages


  1. Identification of minimum skills set, which is sufficient to get an employment in the labour market.
  2. It allows skill up gradation, multi skill set, multi entry and exit, vertical mobility and lifelong learning opportunities in a flexible manner.
  3. It also allows recognition of prior learning (certification of skills acquired informally) effectively.
  4. The modules in the PVTP sector, when grouped together could lead to a qualification equivalent to National Trade Certificate or higher.
  5. Courses could be available level 1 to level 3 in different vocations depending upon the need of the employer organizations.
  6. The main objective of the scheme is to provide employable skills to school leavers, existing workers, ITI graduates, etc. Existing skills of the persons can also be tested and certified under this scheme.
  7. Priority will be given to covering those above the age of 14 years who have been or withdrawn as child labour to enable them to learn employable skills in order to get gainful employment.

Health Awareness Mettings were conducted in 13 villages. Child and Mother care was initated by makeing awareness among Tribal women.

Medical camps are conducted every year in three clusters coverning thirty villages.