Prayer Request

Pray for us, for the wisdom to teach the native evangelist and to work with them to create a Dynamic witnessing group of Christians and work for saturation Church planting among our target tribal people groups.. The worship groups are increasing in every mission’s fields. God is raising strong witnesses among irulas.

We are in need a Mission Training center in the field for the training and for imparting knowledge among the evangelists, local elder, and to raise new leaders.

A vehicle is needed to visit the Irula villages to witness and encourage the believers. May the Lord give you the burden to join with us for the reward in eternity in the acts of Holy Spirit among irulas, the major Tribal group of South India.
Let your efforts give fruits to “The people living in Darkness to see great light.

Immediate Needs:

A Offset printing machine for the Translated literatures and the Gospel Portions to be published.

A own office and Training center to reach and Teach the Target groups.
Computers for Bible Translation and other official works.

Literacy classes among Adults and for deep forest village children. Sponsors are needed for more centers.

Literatures of Gospel in stories and pictures in their mother Tongue.
Helps for the faith family of Evangelists and all the staff members

Gospel cassette Recordings and its Distribution among listening Groups
Radio Program in their own Mother Tongue for un-reached people groups.

A van to visit Irula villages as Mobile Primary health care Unit with all the Medical Equipments for preliminary testings.

Sponsorship for more Missionaries from every Tribal group.

Why don’t you come forward to LIT a BIT to shed the light in the darkness

Praise the Lord!