Praise Requests

BIT – LIT have achieved  so many mile stones in the fields of Translation, Literacy and in Church Planting.

Let us praise God for each one these achievements

1. Phonology and Grammar were defined in both the Dialects of Malanadu Irula and Vettakada Irula by Bro.W.Ebenezer Udayakumar.

praise 1

2. Vettakada Irula Mark Gospel audio cassetes was released in 2003 by BIT – LIT.

praise 2

3. Several Gospel Tracts was published in Irula to bridge the Gospel.

praise 3

4. God’s story video CDs was published in Irula.

praise 4

5. In Badaga language also God’s story video CD’s was published.

praise 5

6. H.O.M.E Group leaders Training Manual by Cedar Creek Church was published in Tamil and Malayalam languages & hindi languages.

praise 6       praise 7       praise 8

7. Home Groups and worship Groups are formed in all the three Tribal Groups of Irula, Badaga and Toda.

8. Six Home Groups are meeting every week in Coimbatore and in six more among Tribal People.

9. Luke’s Gospel was published in Vettakada Irula Language in September 2011.

praise 9

10. Jesus Film in Irula Language was dedicated the month of November 2012.

praise 10

11.Mark Gospel in Irula Language was dedicated in the month on March 2013

praise 11


12. Gospel Project Irula. Speaker Box Irula Luke Gospel released In November-2013

praise 12        praise 13