Bible Translation&Strategic Co-ordination

BIBLE TRANSLATION : By this time in 2003 we were recognized by IICCC, which is the authority to Train Bible Translators in India. we were called to attended Advanced Level Program in Linguistics conducted by S.I.L Training team since we had finished all the other levels in one dialect of Irula called male-nadu Irula.

We got the pleasant tie up with S.I.L and graciously got all Electronic Resources for Bible Translation sponsored by IICCC for us.

Strategic co-ordination among Irulas by BIT-LIT Ministries.

It is in the year 2001 when we were as P.G Teachers and doing the ministry among irulas, We were heavily moved in our spirit so strongly, we felt about the perishing souls of Irulas and the need of the word of God for the Irulas, one of the most receptive people group of South India.

In APRIL 2002 ,we resigned the job and contributed our more time and energy for the extension of kingdom. We started to reach the Attapady area, hardly we found only 10 worship groups in which irulas were living. They too were in wrong concept of need for Church Building for the growth of the church. we came to understand through Harvest survey that Altapady area is so receptive to Gospel and realized that we were moved to unite all the existing first generation Christians and impart knowledge of communicating the Gospel to other people of their community.

PRAYER WALK: We started to create prayer cells in the state level churches .And every irula Evangelists are requested and some time to-gether conducted prayer walks in the Attpady area villages , pillur dam, karamadai area villages and kotagiri areas.

TEACHING SEMINARS: In March 2003 there was a seminar was conducted by us in the Topic of spiritual warfare. But that seminars was diverted by the Holy Spirit through the special speaker taught us about Communication of Gospel to Tribal context, especially story telling methods and Audio & video Media. And the importance of contextualizion of the Gospel.

mission 1

MOTHER TONQUE GOSPEL: In 2002 Mark Gospel in malanadu Irula was published which was written down by me.  In April 2004 audio Mark Gospel along with 10 spiritual songs were translated and recorded as a first time and distributed to all the native evangelist, along with cassette players. More than fifty cassettes sets distributed and Listening groups were formed all over the fields. The Language committee and the native Evangelists who received had committed themselves to create 40 listening groups. But its growth was limitless; all the evangelists are using every day till today. 37 New Small groups were begun in this year only.

mission 2

SOCIAL INTERACTION :  More than 70 Preaching Points and 40 listening groups are formed so far more over 17 new self- help groups and 17 old self- -help groups were revived by our evangelists. Since they need to be guided for the income generation projects in BIT-LIT itself we are running cottage industries which are manufacturing Home care products like washing powders, cleaning powders, phynoyil,candles and liquid Blue and also forest products like Honey, pepper and food products like fruit jams ,pickles are also manufactured and marketed by us now.  We gave training for 10 evangelists and made them as leaders of cluster cottage industries so as to take ownership by the community itself.

mission 3

GOD’S STORY : God’s story in irula language and badaga language was translated by BITLIT in 2005 and 2007 and this is the first visual narration in their language and also it will help to build the biblical world view among this un-reached people group. It was dedicated on 5th of Feb’06.

mission 4

LISTENING GROUPS : It received a very good heavenly welcome by the community. Then all the mission Evangelirls used both Audio and Video equipments and formed 17 listening groups among Irulas.23 Listening Groups among Badaga were gathered.

HOME GROUPS: Our partner  church pastor had written and used in his church for Training Manual of HOME Group Leaders book was Translated and published in two major state languages of India (Tamil and Malayalam).

mission 5

LUKE GOSPEL AND JESUS FILM: We are at Luke’s Project and working in the Translation of Luke and Jesus Film as on this year target.